Anne-Marie Olczak

Artist member since 2018
Toronto, ON

My work explores nature and it's pervasive place in the urban landscape. Soft edges, hard lines, organic shapes and deliberate forms all inform this idea of organic amongst the structured. By exploring the application of the paint on the canvas, board or panel, the act of deliberate mark making dictates the progression of the piece.


Inside the Studio


Describe your home in 3 words

Small, creaky, upholstered and with a slight smell of dog and cookies

Favourite musical artist / band right now

Anderson Paak

Coffees per day and from where

Tea first, then coffee - latte & local

What kind of artwork do you have in your home?

Drawings, Photography, Prints

Describe the person your work appeals to in 3 words

People who like a work that goes beyond the initial impression - they tend to look closely at the brush strokes and the layers that make up the painting..

Why is it important for people to have art in their home or life?

Art is balance. Art is joy. Art is emotion.

Select Past Exhibitions

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair


Brighton, UK
Artists Open Houses


Paula White Diamond Gallery, Kitchener
Square Foot & Big Ideas Show


The Artist Project


Cobalt Gallery, Toronto
The Kingston Road Residency